Home Inspection Pricing

Inspection Fees 

Condos / Townhomes

Condo &Townhome inspections do not include the areas which are owned and maintained by the HOA (Home Owners Association). Including Roof, Exterior of structure, Common areas
Square Feet / $ Price
0-1000              260.00 
1001-2000       275.00
2001-3000       290.00
3001-4000       305.00

 Single Family Residential

Square feet / $ Price
0-1000                 275.00 
1001-2000          300.00 
2001-3000          325.00
3001-4000          350.00
4001-5000          375.00
5001-6000           400.00


 Log Homes (Call for pricing)


Water Quality Testing

Water samples are taken to Weld County Environmental Health Services.  They have to be delivered on Monday or Tuesday with a 5 day turnaround. 
Shallow wells:(Under 300 feet)
Testing for: Total Coli form, Pa, Total dissolved solids, pH, Fluoride, Total hardness, Sulfate, Nitrate, Chloride
Price: (Will have to check for current pricing)
Deep wells:(Over 300 feet deep)
Testing for: Total Coli form, Pa, Total dissolved solids, pH, Fluoride, Nitrate, Sodium, Total Alkalinity
Sodium absorption ratio: Total hardness, Magnesium, Calcium
 Price:(Will have to check for current pricing)


Water Quantity:  $25.00

Determines how many gallons per minute the well produces. Not a draw down test. 


Radon Measurement

Equipment used: Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitor

$175.00  (for radon test only)

$125.00   (when included with home inspection) 


Other fees:
Extra Outbuildings or Detached Garage: 
$50.00 (per building)

Age of Property: Add to price of inspection

$25.00  (If property is 50 to 100 years old)
 $50.00  (If property is older than 100 years)
Crawl Space: $25.00

If the crawl space has a small access, is confined, or has a hazardous situation the inspection will be from entry with binoculars for no additional charge.

Trip Charge:   $1.00 per mile