Shoe is on the other Foot

After 7 years of home inspecting I now know how it feels to get MY home inspected. We have a cabin west of Longmont in the foothills at about 7800 feet in elevation. We finished the cabin/home in 2006 and have injoyed it quit a bit for the last 7 years or so. I applied my experiances from 30 plus years of home building and remodeling and what I have learned while being a home inspector to build the structure. While feeling bad about having to sell the place our lives will open up for more adventures due to we won't have to work at the cabin anymore. When I heard they were going to inspect the place a lump developed in my throat. Something I'll bet all sellers experiance. We don't have the money to fix anything so just like most sellers we are praying everything looks good. The radon measurement came in at 4.2 which in Fort Collins or Loveland would trigger a radon mitigation. I seams stupidly low but because of the scare tacktics used by those who want to run a test or get a radon mitigation job we are worried the buyers will want us to mitigate the issue or give them money. So as I sit here waiting for the response to the inspection I am on pins and needles hoping for the best.

Submitted by AaronLore on Mon, 01/27/2014 - 15:06.

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