Finally after 2 years and much angst we have sold the cabin. Selling mountain properties is tough due to you can't get a loan unless there is electricity and a water well. It takes someone with cash to make it happen. And then it is tough to get insurance due to all the fires and floods these last few years.  After the home inspection was done we had to repair (1) wall furnace and (1)  faucet spray wand. It helps when you build something right. In today's world a home inspection is the standard so having the property in good condition is paramount. We also had to come up with an extra 800 bucks to clear the road of snow to get a Septic truck in to pump the septic tank and inspect. This turned into a mess because the buyers realtor was in charge and didn't have the ability to coordinate a chain dance. Thank goodness my Realtor let me stick my nose into the issue and finally we got it done. This idea Realtors have about keeping clients apart is just nonesense as far as I'm concerned. Letting someone who has the expertise handle an issue is NOT making you look bad but rather good because things are getting done. At any rate I want to Thank Mary Jo Brockshus at Remax Alliance in Greeley for hanging in there with us until the property was sold. I also want to thank Eric Akia for all his help with the road and his involvement over the last 8 years. Eric, his Dad & cousin were who I hired to build the cabin and his leadership in our HOA has been great. It is hard to leave after all the hard work and dreams we had but now we can use that money to travel and see America.

Submitted by AaronLore on Wed, 03/26/2014 - 15:02.

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